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// Story: Corrupted Twilight
// Chapter: Twilight sparkle
// Author: grox

date:4E 201

It was a dark and stormy night, Twilight walked in her tree-house and used magic to wash her wet coat. She yawned.

''It has bin a long day.'' she whispert to herelf. ''Saving Equestria and a wedding.''

The unicorn walked up the stairs to her bedroom, opened the door and looked at the sleeping baby dragon. She kissed him gently on his head.

''Nighty night number one assistant'' she whispert.

Twilight walked to her bed and climbed in it slowly falling asleep listening to the rain of the storm.


Twilight was standing in a garden full of roses, ''Is this a dream.'' the confused mare asked herself. she looked around, it was a beautiful sight with majestic trees and radiant flowers. she admired the landscape when suddenly everything blurred out. ''W-what i-i am blind i am half blind.'' Twilight panicked.  

''Do not panic my child.'' a soft but commanding voice said to Twilight. ''i am here to deliver a message. ''When a hero falls and Twilight rises, coruption and destruction shall rule the land, madnes will
consume the minds man, mer and pony. Embrace the darknes and find the scrolls, return them to Castle Volkihar. only than there will be piece in the arena.''

The mysterious voice vanished with a thunderous bang an the world around Twilight faded into a black void as she fell into oblivion.

Meanwhile on Oblivion

Molag Bal and Mehrunes Dagon where drinking tea with Sheogorath in the mind of King Lysandus.

''That imiation of Azura was simply...devine.'' Molag bal stated amused.

''mmm...yes and how did you trick that old witch, Vearmina to help you?'' Mehrunes Dagon wondert.

Sheogorath took a sweetroll and putted it on his head. ''LOOK AT MAH HAT!'' He yelled.

''Sheo, this is not the time for your...madnes.'' Molag bal said anoyed. ''This madnes wont help  me with pulling that pathatic little realm into the Couldharbour.''

''your right Molag, your right ah dont need this hat to catch arrows. And you guys want to know how i tricked Vearmina, I DID'T HAHAHAHAHA, ah just have a good realationship with that old witch he said with a scary serius tone. ''WHO WANT SOME CHEESE.'' Sheogorath randomly shouted.

''SHEOGORATH FOCUS!'' Molag yelled.

''Why do you even want to pull, how did Jyggalag call it? Equestria, in your wratched sphere.'' Dagon questioned.

''Dagon you realy don't know me do you, i want it for the souls.'' Dagon smiled.

''Helloooo...guys am also here, remember. ''Sheogorath said with a big cheesewheel on his head.

Dagon used one of his four arms to facepalmed. ''why is the Madgod even here?'' Dagon sighed.

''Becous a want to slap Jyggalag with mah glove and stick mah fork into his eyes.'' The madgod stated hapilly ''and i have heard from a little bird called Sanguine that Jyggalag, Azura and Boethia are trying to stop us, and please Molag tell me why i had to do that awkward impresion of Azura, NO WAIT dont tell me...i wanna gues, was it to turn...mundus into a rainbow dotted unicorn? no thats not it, do you want to...try to reason with jyggalag.'' the madgod chuckled ''that would be fruitfull.'' he said sarcasticly.

''NO YOU IDIOT.'' Molag yelled angry

''Mmm...talking about unicorns.'' Sheogorath said. ''Whats up with that purple unicorn?"

''Jyggalag has six Artifact, each of them controled by a pony.'' Molag Bal explained. the leader of those six ponies is Twilight Sparkle, and you.'' Molag pointed at Dagon. ''just dimension shifted her to Tamriel.''

''So what.'' Sheogorath said unimpressed.

''Those elements, if combined have the power to nullify everything that is chaos.''

''And why did Dagon bring her to Tamriel?'' Sheogorath asked.

''Becous shes going to help us.'' Molag said happily. ''Vearmina planted an idea in her head, a quest to bring Elder Scrolls to Castle Volkihar.'' The Daedric Prince of domination took a piece of very red cake and took a bite of it. ''mmm...this is tasty, what is it?'' Molag asked.

''ITS BRAIN PIE!'' Sheogorath yelled.''

''Sheogorath your utterly random.'' Dagon said.


Twilight woke up on a cold stone floor. the mare laid on a round stone platform with a strange symbol on it and a lot of lit candles around it.

''J'zargo what did you do?!.'' A strange bipodal creature scolded at a bipodal cat.

''J'zargo does not know.'' The cat creature said simply.

the scared pony looked at the bald furles creature.

''I...i have never seen an atronach like that.'' The creature bended on his knees to take a better look at me.

The cat did the same and tried to touch me. ''J'zargo thinks it is cute.'' The cat smiled while poking me.

''Stop that!'' she snarled at the cat.

The cat backed away in panick. ''Quick banish it.'' The cat yelled at the ape.

The ape creature used his claws to cast a spell on her, she closed her eyes waiting for the worse.

''By the nine didt work.'' the ape panicked. ''T...this is no daedra. I need to get Savos, keep an eye on that thing.'' The creature ran away.

Twilight finely got the chance to talk to the cat. ''Uh...hello.'' she said nervously to the cat.

The cat jumped a bit.''Y-you can talk? J'zargo did not expect that, you have a name? strange creature.

''Yes, my name is Twilight Sparkle.'' Twilight responded proudly.

''That's a odd but beautiful name. My name is J'zargo.'' the cat said equally proud.

the mare stood up and looked around, she was standing in a dusty circular room with walls made of cobblestone and alot of cobwebs. ''Where am i.'' she asked J'zargo.

''You are at the College Of Winterhold, in skyrim.'' the cat answered.

''Skyrim?'' Twilight asked. ''is that a place in Equestria?''

''Did you say equestria?'' the cat looked confused.
When Molag Bal wants to drag Equestria into the Coldharbour he asks Mehrunes Dagon and Sheogorath to help him. Twilight is thrown into Nirn to help Azura, Boethiah and Jyggalag to stop Molag bal and safe Equestria.

a story i am working on.
i want to know what u guys think of it :)

its a mlp/skyrim crossover
bigdaddycrimson Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012
ok, i will admit.

There are a few grammar mistakes in this chapter.
but I also gotta admit that the idea for the story is pretty good
a word of advice however. Try to make your chapters a little bit longer and read it over a bunch of times to see if there are any mistakes. You keep doing those and you'll be off to a good start
grox42 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2012
thanks for the tips :D
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